9:30 A.M.  Shake & Tone

5:00 P.M.  Zumba® with Shako

6:00 P.M.  Zumba® with Ninfa

7:00 P.M.  Candlelight Yoga (All levels welcome)



9:30 A.M.  Zumba® with Spicy Latina

5:00 P.M. Shake & Tone

6:00 P.M.  Zumba® with Hard Rock

7:00 P.M.  Zumba® with Shako



9:30 A.M.  Morning Flow Yoga

5:00 P.M.  Zumba® with Ms Woo Hoo (Cancelled on March 22 Only)

6:00 P.M.  Zumba® with Ninfa

7:00 P.M.  WERQ


9:30 A.M.    Shake & Tone

5:00 P.M.   Mixxedfit

6:00 P.M.   Zumba® with Shako



9:30 A.M.  Zumba®  with Firecracker


8:30 A.M.  WERQ

9:30 A.M.  Zumba® with Shako

10:30 A.M.  Zumba® with Ninfa or Spicy Latino (NEW CLASS! Please look at our Facebook site for updates)



ZUMBA BLAST IS FROM 10:00 TO 11:30 UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED           Members $10 Drop In $15

Please look at the special events page for details about this classes)

March 5   Partyology

March 12   U-JAM

March 19   Zumba Blast w/  Spicy Latino

March 26 Zumba Blast with Shako