Our 90 Day Fitness Challenge

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90 Day Fitness Challenge Riscely

Party fitness studio has changed my life completely in a positive way. This journey for me means a lot to me because all the instructors and students are so welcoming and encourage everyone in the studio especially Ninfa who decided for the first time made a challenge in the studio. I decided to join it. Family and friends see the positive changes on me, and I'm so happy and feel more comfortable with myself wearing tanks tips and skinny jeans. I can't believe my transformation during this challenge. I feel stronger than ever and my body feels tighter than before. I love it! I encourage everyone to give it a try to join this AMAZING studio and join the challenge in the future. I love my Zumba Family! 

90 Day Fitness Challenge - Jennifer

I have been with Party Fitness for a year and a half.  Joining this studio was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I like working out but I love dancing so when I found this studio it was the best of both worlds.  Every class is fun and a great workout.  All of the instructors teach in their own style and are constantly coming up with new dances which keeps the classes fresh and exciting.  I decided to join the 90 Day Challenge Group to give myself a new goal.  I have never been able to eat healthy for a long period of time.  Through this group I was able to get support and new ideas about eating healthy and I was able to maintain this new lifestyle throughout the challenge.  I encourage anyone who wants to make new friends and become healthy to join Party Fitness.

90 day Fitness Challenge client testimonial

In January 2015, I decided to get back to the weight I was before Erik and I started dating aka “happy weight”.
I tried different exercises and diets. Everything proved too hard and intimidating to stick with it and see any results.
I joined the PFS challenge with low expectations. I had already tried so much and saw no difference.
During this challenge, the main changes were: I added shake-n-tone to my exercise routine and focused on cleaner eating.
Something as simple as sharing pictures of my meals, kept me accountable. At times, it got too hard, but knowing that we’re all in it together, that we all struggle, and everyone’s supporting comments made the difference. The results? I lost about 12 lbs. I feel healthier and noticed my body more toned.  My main take-aways were developing healthier habits (drinking more water/eating snacks), and realizing the power of encouragement. 

90 Day Fitness Challenge - Luz

I found Zumba to be so addicting! Since 2 years ago when I came to San Diego, I find myself looking forward to going to Party Fitness at least 4 times a week. Each instructor having their own passion of dance n fitness pushes us to staying fit! Thru this challenge we have grown to becoming a family with words of encouragements n delicious healthy meals.  Although my diet wasn't so strict because of my work schedule, I have become more aware of healthier choices even when I eat out! So thank you everyone for your encouragements , perseverance, and love for Zumba that binds us together!!!

90 Day Fitness Challenge testimonial

I signed up for the "90 day Party Fitness Clean Eating Challenge" because I knew I needed Ninfa's personalized help and I was ready for a change.  You see, I have been a loyal Member at PFS since day 1 and absolutely love how Zumba helps me release all of my stress from work, family and my busy-loca life.  What I needed to discover was how to be more accountable for significant weight loss and a more slender physique.  Ninfa created a nurturing, accepting yet educational challenging environment for our entire team. It felt like I had my own personal cheerleader on my shoulder at every meal! Using the food lists, posting pics of meals and snacks on our group Facebook page, and having periodic weight and measure meetings were extremely effective! For the first time ever I felt accountable to Ninfa, myself and to every member of our challenge team whom I have grown to know better and absolutely LOVE for their enthusiastic support! Combining increased Zumba classes, addition of kickboxing/ Shake N Tone classes, AND following the CLEAN eating rules resulted in my losing over 16.5 pounds and several inches off my bust, waist, arms and thighs- I am so incredibly GRATEFUL! My commitment is to continue to challenge myself and everyone on this beautiful team. My personal goal is to lose 16 more pounds- I look forward to the next 90 days! For ANYONE looking to improve their fitness results I would highly recommend participating in Ninfa's next Challenge.  
Trust me, If I can do this, so can YOU! 

Tiffany 90 Day Fitness Challenge

I began attending classes at Party Fitness Studio about three years ago and have been hooked ever since.  I love the variety of classes and amazing instructors.  The diverse group of men and women that attend classes there are friendly and supportive.  My hour or two at Party Fitness is often the best part of my day!  A few months ago when Ninfa announced a 90 Day Fitness Challenge, I was super excited to participate.  I have always struggled with my weight and thought this would be a great opportunity to motivate me to get healthier.  We were given clean eating guidelines and exercise recommendations.  I began making some positive changes in my lifestyle and have lost over ten pounds so far.  I have noticed improvements in my muscle tone, stamina, and energy level.  Although I still have a ways to go, I’m really proud of where I have come so far.  


I moved to SD in 2008 from the bay area & didn't have any friends. My cousin invited me to Zumba & I loved the instructors & the vibe of the studio. I met great friends there and I was a regular student until 2014 when I got an injury to my left knee while hiking. I stopped going to Zumba. I gained lots of weight & I had blood pressure problems. I came back to Zumba this year & Ninfa had the greatest idea to have a challenge. I joined & within a month I was off my high blood pressure medicine. I was so glad I met such great people and lost 10 pounds. I am so happy I can't even describe how happy I am!