When I first moved to San Diego , I was looking for a different workout class other than your regular gym, which wasn’t keepeing me motivated for long. I tried Pilates, Crossfit and Barre classes but I was still not eager to return to classes the next day. Then a friend recommended Zumba at Party Fitness Studio. I was so excited to try something completely different since I have never taken dance classes before.

That was Five years ago and nothing has changed. I love all the instructors and the different classes offered. Even though I didn’t need to lose much weight, I wanted to tone my body befor going on vacation. The opportunity aroused for a fitness challenge for 90 days through the studio. Ninfa even aided us with amazing and well-known nutritionist Eliza Stone and they both supported and kept us motivated.

After 3 months of Zumba, I have lost almost 13 pounds. I can start to see my abs again. I’ve lost 15 inches overall while gaining muscle weight. Zumba is fitness but it also releases stress and works the mind. With this combination and eating right, one can acheive their goal. Zumba truly is a total mind and body transformation program.


I had always been fit and active, as time went on and with 3 children I thought that my running around with them was the exercise I needed. Wrong.  When the kids were older, we all took up snowboarding that’s when I realized I was not in the physical shape I thought I was in. Even though I was still considered slim I was carrying more weight and weighed more than what I was used to. It had crept up on me.

In my search for something that would keep me focused and not bored, I googled Zumba and found Party Fitness. This was it!!  I was a little awkward in some of the moves, but I loved the music, the vibe, the other clients, the studio and the owner, Ninfa.  It was easy to catch on and NO one is judging or watching. That was 25 lbs and 7 years ago. 

 I most recently lost that final stubborn 8 lbs of belly fat I have been holding onto since the birth of my youngest child (who is 17 now).

Party Fitness is a HUGE part of my lifestyle. I have fallen in love with Zumba and this studio. This place is such a mood lifter, happy, vibrant etc….. everyone is kind.  We are all there for the love of Zumba the friendship and for the desire to stay healthy and fit. Whatever your goal is, if you love music, dancing, and nice people, you’ll most likely achieve your goals. The owner, Ninfa, is passionate about her studio and clients, she has added Yoga, full body toning and Zumba with weights. The instructors all love what they do and it shows.

For me, the weight is gone, the belly gone, I’m physically fit, strong and I have the endurance to snowboard with my family.

My day one which was 7 years ago is just as exciting as today.  I am thankful to have found Party Fitness.


I have been with Party Fitness for 3 years.  Joining this studio was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I like working out but I love dancing so when I found this studio it was the best of both worlds. Every class is fun and a great workout. All of the instructors teach in their own style and are constantly coming up with new dances to keep the classes fresh and exciting. I have participated in the 90 Day Challenge before and I loved it!  It gives me the motivation and support that I need to eat healthy and stay active. I decided to join this 90 Day Challenge in order to reach new goals that I set for myself. The addition of Eliza Stone was amazing! She gave us great information and educated us on making the right food choices and great tips that I will continue to use after the Challenge. I was able to reach my goals and I’m very excited to keep making new ones to reach. Ninfa has been an amazing part of my life by welcoming me into her studio and challenging me to be the best version of myself. I look forward to more dancing and Challenges!


In the summer of 2013, my best friend and I both purchased Groupons for five classes at Party Fitness Studio.  I thought Zumba would be a fun way to become more physically active and hopefully lose some weight.  I began attending Zumba classes once or twice a week.  I was surprised at how many calories I could burn in a one-hour class.  I would sweat my buns off, but it didn’t feel like boring exercise in a regular gym.  The instructors are energetic, motivational, and exciting! 

I quickly began to notice differences in how I felt and looked.  I had more stamina, my clothes were fitting a little looser, and my overall mood improved.  It didn’t take long before I started going to classes more frequently and decided to commit to a membership.  What a great decision that was for me…Party Fitness Studio has literally changed my life.  I now go to classes pretty much every day, often staying for two or even three classes in a row.  It never becomes boring or monotonous for me.  There are a variety of classes and instructors that help keep things fresh and work different muscle groups.

In the past year, I also decided to make some nutrition changes and started following a clean eating diet.  That change, along with being so active with the classes at Party Fitness helped me lose over 20 pounds.  I now feel better about myself and feel better physically than I have in years.  I still have a ways to go, but I am thrilled with how far I’ve come so far.  I am so grateful I found Party Fitness.  It is truly “the happy place to burn calories” and it’s exactly what I needed in my life.

On May 13th 2013, I made one of the best decisions of my life! Zumba. I walked into Party Fitness wanting to try it but it was very skeptical because I could never stick with any form of exercise. What I really needed something fun and boy did I find it. What I found was much more than an exercise class though. I've gained so much more. I've gained some very special friends and a sense of community. I've gained confidence in myself and what I can accomplish.  It is about stress relief from work, it is therapy. And best of all it is about relationships. Over night I made friends, connected with new ones and gained many sisters. My Zumba family means the world to me. A super special thanks to Ninfa Skezas- she is a friend, a motivator, and a leader within our community. You are an inspiration not only to me, but to everyone. Thank you for making a difference in my life!

I gained weight after getting married and found myself and not happy about it. Some weight was ok, but I got to the point where enough was enough and decided to do something about it.  I heard a lot of good things about Zumba and had always wanted to try. Thank God I did!!  Now I am back in shape and a Zumba fanatic! Ninfa inspired me and ended up giving me the chance to be a part of her Zumba Team. Now I perform, teach, and still take her classes. It really is a total blast!  Try it just once and you will be hooked!

Lost 50 Pounds? That's right...I danced it away! My name is Luz and for 25 years I have been overweight since I had my children.  Less than two years ago, I picked up my bags and moved out west from south Florida to start a new life! When I came to San Diego last year I found Party Fitness and was instantly hooked on Zumba! I decided to dance at least 5 days a week and start eating healthy! Never did I think I could go from a size 16 to a size 6 in less than a year! No diets! Just pure passions of dance and being conscience of what I eat and drink! Never again will I take my health for granted and will always continue to be a priority. Thank you Party Fitness and all the professional and talented instructors that make losing weight so much fun!!

Party Fitness has made it possible for me to dance like no one is was watching, sing like no one is listening and live life with full intentionality. I was 367 pounds and have lost of a whopping 132 pounds sweating the pounds away beat by beat.  I have managed to portion my meals out ahead of time and dance freely and live in the moment.  I was the guy that didn’t want to go to the gym until I had lost fifty-pounds first and Party Fitness created such a family atmosphere that it allowed me to accept myself fully.  I realized that in order to work on myself physically I had to be comfortable with me.  I still have doubt and another 45 pounds to go but I am learning to love myself one day at a time.  Party Fitness goes above in beyond in creating a culture of care that I have a support system that holds me accountable.  No matter how you identify Party Fitness welcomes all with open arms and has genuinely been my staple in weight loss.  I value the ability to look in the mirror and see someone I love staring back at me.  I am still very much a work in progress and Party Fitness will continue helping me achieve my goals.

When I reached my highest weight at 251 pounds, I decided I needed to make a drastic change.  I tried several different weight loss programs along with personal trainers and nothing stuck.  On January 31, 2014, I opted to have weight loss surgery (WLS ).  If you're not familiar with WLS, it takes more than just surgery to lose weight and maintain the weight loss.  You and I both know people who have failed with WLS because it's not weight loss magic.  You have to work at it daily.  I am so very thankful to Ninfa and her Party Fitness Zumba Studio instructors for helping me in my journey to a healthier new me.  My first Zumba experience was with Party Fitness and I have been hooked ever since.  It doesn't feel like a workout because you get to dance and smile and just feel good while you burn thousands of calories.  I love Ninfa for who she is and how welcome she makes me feel at her studio.  If you're looking to have fun and burn thousands of calories, you'll definitely need to come visit Party Fitness. 
You will NOT be disappointed.


In the past two years I have been on a program that teaches a healthier lifestyle, on the recommendations from my doctors.  I had not exercised much in my 40+ years, I could not bring myself to join a gym or jog around my neighborhood.  Then I drove by and saw a sign that read Party Fitness and thought since I like to dance maybe this is what I can do.  I joined in 2013 and I enjoy it so much that I try to commit to doing 4 days a week and sometimes even 2 hours a day. I'm working out to the new music and moving like I've never moved before.   I wish I had started this sooner.  My energy level is up and I'm amazed on how great I feel after the workout. As a testament of my energy level, recently my family traveled to six amusement parks in six days straight,  I was able to keep up with our 19 and 21 yr old children.   I haven't felt this great in a long time and I thank the wonderful instructors at Party Fitness. The picture in red is when I started Zumba and the dancing one is me now.


Zumba with Ninfa has changed my life. Before I started Zumba I was lazy and out of shape. I gained a lot of weight my first year of college and never lost it. I know a lot of woman can relate to that story!  Until I met Ninfa with Zumba San Diego I was battling with stairmasters and treadmills.  Now, I look forward to my weekly Zumba Class with a smile. We have fun and burn up to a 1000 calories in an hour. I never thought I would say this but I love looking good!

Thank you Zumba and thank you Ninfa Skezas!

After a friend had told me several times about Zumba, I finally went to a class. When that Instructor moved away, I was devastated as I was enjoying Zumba 2x per week. I had lost 45lbs in a year. I hadn't changed my diet, but just started exercising doing Zumba.  

I was so unsure where I would be able to be part of another great Instructors class, so then I looked it up on to see where the nearest class was. That is when I discovered Party Fitness. I was interested in morning classes due to my work schedule. I started attending on the same days as I had done before. It didn't take long for me to enjoy the classes and appreciate the Instructors. I was sooo happy to have found a new home for my love of dance, that I was inviting all my previous classmates to come and see this place.

I have now been doing Zumba and other classes for about 3 or more years at Party Fitness. I go as often as I can. Ninfa is a really great motivator because you enjoy dancing with her, she inspires you., and is always happy to see you. Her positive energy, talent for dance, welcoming energy and overall sweetness is hard to resist. She is very genuine and caring.  

After being a part of this great group, I decided to step up and try a little harder and challenge myself to try and loose the extra weight that I still wanted to get rid of. Ninfa helped and guided 18 of us for three months on what better foods to put in your body, how much to eat and what to eat. It wasn't hard to understand, but it was hard to stick to at first. Having her there to ask questions and share experiences with other women going through the same struggles, really helped me in staying focused and being determined to win the battle of the bulge. I lost another 14lbs, and another 27 inches. Everyone has been noticing and it feels great. I am more motivated now to keep trying and not give up. I am very committed to continuing with Zumba, dancing at Party Fitness and making new friends all the time.

If you love to dance or even like to dance, this is a great place and there are lots of options for classes so that you don't have to be scared of being there long term. There are walk-in options, week options and month options. I went from 2 classes per week to 7 or 8. There are so many good Instructors, that I can go any day and have a great time. This is my continuing journey and I am enjoying it all the way!!! I don't plan on stopping ever and continuing to be attaining my goals thanks to great support, great classes and great friends all in one place.

Growing up I always played sports, I was always fit and could eat whatever I wanted and stay the same size. I am a mother of three and with my third child I could tell my body was changing and I was gaining weight faster in the pregnancy then the first two. During this pregnancy I turned 30 and for women this can be a game changer. 

After having my baby I went to my six week check up and was told that I had slightly high blood pressure and needed to make some changes, the doctor suggested that I change some eating habits and start exercising regularly. I of course started back at Party Fitness. The first class I took was much harder then I thought, I usually bounce right back after my babies as like I said before this one was different. I felt discouraged and didn't know how I was going to get the weight off and blood pressure down. I got the email about this 90 day challenge and I had to jump on it! I don't like to loose and knew that this would help me get back in track! 

I was so happy that I was able to got right in the morning class! I love the shake and time class this is where I toned my body and got my straight back. I felt like I had a personal trainer Ninfa watches everyone to insure are form was correct and pervert injury. I not only dropped weight but i dropped so many inches! I am now back in my in my pre baby clothes and even better my blood pressure is back to normal. Of course I'm still working out regularly and get to my goal! Thank you again Party Fitness for all your support, such a great group of people! 

I was introduced to Zumba thanks to a friend of mine. The very first Zumba class I attended was a Zumba Blast at Party Fitness. Since then I really liked the concept: working out + dancing= lots of fun! Something I never thought it was possible when it comes of working out. Party Fitness besides Zumba has different classes and all of them are so much fun and all the instructors are really cool! I also joined the 90 days challenge and I lost so much weigh, I made friends and all that was achieved thanks to the others that joined the challenge and Ninfa that kept us motivated. I know I have to keep working out so I can achieve my body goal but, what I've done so far it's been so much fun. All this has happened at this amazing place.